HOPE, a feeling of expectation and desire for something to happen. With unmatched resilience within our ever-changing world, society has faced feelings of conscious awakenings and uncertainty and we, as humans, have remained hopeful for the better days ahead.

In capturing this pivotal moment in time, the new Titi Adesa ‘Hope’ collection, which was designed during the lockdown, was created as an expression of optimism. Using a carefully selected range of regal, majestic metallics and vibrant hues, each style reflects positivity and modern minimal elegance, set on comfortable heel heights of 90mm or lower.

Alongside the collection, Titi Adesa has also birthed the TA Foundation, which aims to harness the diamond within for young girls living in underserved communities in Africa, who aspire to build careers as designers. Titi Adesa aims to positively contribute towards supporting them to return to school, while staying healthy and safe, with a percentage of the collection’s proceeds providing educational sponsorship and mentorship.